The Barcelonian Way

Seaside town and tapas galore

We are quickly approaching the most beautiful time of year to visit the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona. People are flocking to the city from all over the world to experience their quirky architecture, cuisine, beaches, and nightlife.

What’s on the top of every tourists list for their visit?

They think of places like Park Güell and La Sagrada Familia. These landmarks are some of the first places they have on their lists as a must-see. While learning about a church that has been renovated since the late 1800s and seeing Gaudi’s gingerbread houses is definitely interesting, there is an entirely different side of the city that most travelers miss.

Locals live amongst these buildings. If they are lucky, they see them everyday. But they don’t typically go to the sites to explore them--they leave that for the tourists who are visiting. For the more adventurous travelers there are other options to live like the locals do.

1. Make your own cava

This bubbly beverage is the Spanish version of champagne. Visit a family run vineyard to select your own grapes, take part in the process, bottle and taste it as well. The activity is complete with a tour of the property.

2. Experience Tapas like a local

This tour takes you away from all of the other tourists to have an authentic Barcelonian experience. You begin in an ancient bodega where you start out with tapas and drinks that are traditionally derived from the Spanish culture. You’ll then get to uncover local hidden hot spots for even more tapas.

3. Family owned bodegas

You won’t be left wondering what an authentic Spanish dish is like after sampling ten on this walking food tour. You’ll be hosted by locals who can share the history of the city and show you how their establishments source their local produce. Sip vermouth and cava while you’re at it.

4. Sitges

Everyone wants to spend time laying by the Mediterranean Sea and Barceloneta is the one you will find most tourists at. If you want a quieter vibe with a smaller crowd, head south to the artsy city of Sitges. With mountains as the backdrop and beautiful mansions to gawk at, you won’t be disappointed.


Ditch the tourist traps and have the experience of a lifetime. Let the Barcelonians show you what it’s really like to live there.