Eat like a local everywhere

How to avoid the local McDonalds at 2 am on your next vacation

Have you ever found yourself planning a vacation, that you were looking forward to all year, and you couldn’t figure out where to begin? Better yet, have you ever been in the midst of your vacation and wanted to experience cuisine like true locals do, but the only places you could find were in your guidebook and packed with other tourists like yourself?

I’ve been there too.

When I was visiting Vietnam I wanted to have an authentic experience instead of being stuck in a tourist trap for dinner. After hearing the number one suggestion for dining from my concierge, I decided to opt for the alternative, more adventurous option of going on a motorcycle food tour around the city. The experience opened my eyes to an entirely new way of experiencing unfamiliar territory with an authentic tour of what it is really like to live and eat in Ho Chi Minh.

I figured that if I had trouble finding the true experience I was looking for, that must be the case with other like-minded travelers. Upon my return to the United States I decided to partner up with my good friend Vladimir Borisov, another foodie, to create a similar experience to what I had in my travels. Thus, the concept of FoodieTrip was born.

Our platform connects adventurous travelers who are passionate about cuisines from all over the world with expert guides who can host them in their respective cities. Our guides offer anything from a Korean barbeque tour in Seoul to a meet and greet with chefs in San Francisco where the mission style burrito was born. One of the best parts of traveling is meeting other people with the same interests, and what better way to do this than over a few craft beers or a wine tasting.

FoodieTrip is changing the way people discover hidden spots and consume food all over the world. For travelers like us, vacations can lead to once in a lifetime opportunities. Do us a favor and don’t find yourself at the local McDonalds at 2 am on your next trip.